Today in Sunday School and again in service-  the topic was suffering well.  How can we suffer well?  It's not something any of us want to think about or even let our minds wonder off to.  But it was just what I needed to hear today.  I needed to be reminded that God is always good.  Life takes us to places and things happens that are bad, but God does not change- even amidst our suffering, He is there.  The question is- how do we suffer.  Am I using my story as a testimony to others- does my suffering point to God.  They showed us a story today about a 33yr. old man who was diagnosed with colon cancer.  A man who had been married 11 years and dearly loved his wife.  A man with three children he adored.  A man who never thought he would get cancer and esp. at such a young age.  This man shared his story and his story is now changing lives because he decided to suffer well.  He decided to declare God as good even though his life was ending.  You see his cancer went away for a short while but then returned and worse then it was before.  He passed 4 weeks ago and his story will be shared with people all over the world now.  What does his story say- it points to God - and his goodness.  A man who died too young for any of us to understand- decided to praise God and live his life out for God's glory.  His story is a legacy and as I sat in service crying after seeing him speak on a video he made before he died, I couldn't help but think of how I'm using my life, my story, my hurts and sorrows.  Lord, help me to suffer well. Help me to tell my story and be a testimony to many. 

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