So, yesterday I ended up calling the office and telling them I had gotten my surge.  I figured I would need to go in Thursday ( my day off) just to avoid the hastle of trying to get off work and then explain why etc.  So, Thursday comes- I take another ovulation test that morning- and I get a surge- a dark line.  This gives me confidence, but technically the procedure is supposed to be the day after the surge, so not all that confident starting out. 
         Dave went in that morning before work to provide his sample and then I arrived to the office at 1030am to have the IUI procedure done.  I arrive right on time and got called back rather quickly.  I didn't see Dr. CW this time, but I believe a nurse called me back.  I emptied my bladder and met her in a room.  She showed me Dave's collection- and verified that it was his- and showed me how the numbers matched in 3 places and then left the room so I could undress waist down.   I'm lying on this table praying that everything does work out and this is our solution.  I put my feet up in the stirrups and she puts Dave's sperm through this catheter and then inserts it into my cervix to release the sperm.  It's crazy how they do this.  Because of our insurance situation and NFC not taking our insurance at this time, we opted to go the cheap route this time and so there was no ultrasound to confirm if I had any eggs available and ready.  I almost regreted that we didn't do it because it's going to drive me crazy not knowing if there were even any eggs there for those sperm.  I have no way of knowing.  I pray that Clomid increased my egg count tenfold and that there were eggs ready to go when we did the IUI. 
          After the procedure, I was told to lay there for 15 minutes.  While I was lying there I was just praying that everything works out- that all the little pieces to this puzzle would come together and make us a baby.  A healthy baby or babies.  The 15 minutes seemed like an eternity because my mind went to a thousand places while I was lying there.  Finally my time was up and I went up front to check out and be on my way. 
            I called Dave after the procedure and told him I think it went well.  We met for lunch at Chipotle and talked about our excitement that I could be pregnant.  We were both beaming with smiles just of the possibility.  This whole day will never be forgotten if it works. 

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