This morning I went to the doctor for my ultrasound.  We decided this month to go ahead and pay for the ultrasound to see how many follicles I had.  Last month I felt like I didn't know enough so we paid the $190 to get the ultrasound this time around.    I went in at 8am so I could get to work at a decent time.  The ultrasound only took a few minutes.  After she was done, they took me into a room.  I sat down and she said- well, you're ready, but since we're closed tomorrow, we'll have you do the Ovadril shot tonight at home and come back in Friday morning for the IUI.    I was excited to hear that I was ready.  She said I had one mature follicle and two lagging behind that.   I  was a  little nervous about the shot, but ready to go ahead.  I've given thousands of shots, but it's totally diff. when you have to give it to yourself.
               Dave and I were preparing Thanksgiving dinner and 930 rolled around so I got the shot out and gave it to myself.    It was subcutaneous in the abdomen.  It actually didn't hurt at all.  Being me, I was more worried about all the side effects I read about in the insert.   I should have never read it.   They're pretty awful.    Dave sat next to me and watched.  He said he would give it if I wanted him too, but I told him I could do it.  I could tell he really didn't want to do it.   
               The next  morning I woke up and took an ovulation test.   I was happy to see that the control line was dark- very dark.  So, the shot definitely worked.  I will be ovulating about the time I go in for the IUI.  And I hope that there are 2-3 mature follicles ready to go when I do.

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