Well, surgery is happening this Friday. My period arrived Monday morning, so I called Dr. Lucas and they said we could go ahead with the surgery.  I was thrilled to know that I would be getting it done and over with this week. Yeah!  Of course at the same time- it was kind of sudden.  There wasn't much preparing for it.  Even though we knew it might happen that Friday, I don't think we planned for it.  Maybe that was better, less time for my mind to wonder or worry. 

Thursday was my Pre-op appt.  I went to 100 Oaks- Vandy to get some blood work done and be examined quickly by the anesthia team.  They wanted to make sure that I wouldn't have problems that following day for my surgery.  They ran a pregnancy test too.  My first blood pregnancy test.  Sad, it wasn't for a second reassuring test to confirm a urine test.  But I believe that will come soon.  The rest of my day I tried to enjoy.  I went shopping, cleaned a little, tried to prepare for tomorrow.  My mind did a couple times quesiton- what if this was my last day to live- what would I want to do?  My mind goes to the weirdest places.  Of course i kept thinking what if the anesthesia goes wrong, what if I don't wake up, what if this is my last day, what if I die?  Seriously, this is a minor surgery, and I kept coming back to the fact that God is in control and if it's my time to go, it's going to happen. 

We left for Vandy at 7:30AM.  We arrived yesterday at Vanderbilt for my surgery about 830.  Mom and Dad arrived early this AM so it was the four of us that went to the hopsital.   I was nervous last night and extremely moody- not eating makes you very irritable and moody.  How do people become anorexic.  I would never survive.  Or should I say Dave would never survive.  It was awful.  I wanted to eat and I couldn't and I was so mean. The magnesium citrate was not too bad- very lemony but carbonated so the 8oz I had to drink wasn't as bad as I had imagined.  And well, the effects of course did not come til the morning of the surgery- go figure. I kept waiting and waiting for that stuff to kick in and then the morning of surgery- goodness- it started working.  This of course made me more nervous.  I kept thinking- I'm going to be laying on that table for surgery and have no control over my bowels. Talk about embarassing.

Once we arrived to the hospital, we checked in.  The ladies were like- you look way too healthy to be having surgery.  They checked me in and then sent me to another check in.  Of course when we got there, it was Ms. Judy.  I used to work with Ms. Judy at Vandy on 7C.  It was so good to see a familiar face.  She was so happy to see me too!  She came around the desk and gave me a big hug.  Then we were taken to the back and put in a room.  The nurses came in right away to get my vitals and start an IV.  The IV went in smoothly.  Then about 7 people came to the room to tell me who they were and they would be a part of the surgery team.  It was very professional.  They all checked my ID band and date of birth.  They all asked me if I had eaten anything and what surgery I was having done that day.  It was very reassuring they knew what they were doing.  My parents got to meet Dr. Lucas too!  So that was good.  Anesthesia came in finally and started me on some drugs- they took action fast, because I don't remember much else after they gave me the drugs.  They must have knocked me out quick. 

The next thing I remember if waking up in recovery.  It was about 130pm.  So my surgery took about 1.5 hr.  I was so drowsy and it took all I had to keep my eyes open.  They immediately came to me when I woke up and were trying to get me to drink and pee.  Of course when you can barely keep your eyes open, drinking and peeing are big tasks.  So I felt like I had to pee, so  they helped me to the bathroom and I sat and waited and nothing.    Tried to drink and took two sips and then vomitted.  I was so nauseated.  So no pee and no drinking.  I was not doing good at this point.  Then the nurse drugged me more since I had nausea.  I woke up 4 hours later and again after 3 more attempts to pee I was unsuccessful.  Drinking caused more vomitting and I had to stop the nurse from giving me more drugs- I was like I can deal with the vomiting, but I don't want to be drowsy anymore.  Please don't  give me that.  So she held it.  Dr. Lucas finally came in to see me and was suprised I was still there.  They told him I was having a hard time waking up- they apparently gave me way too much anesthesia.  So, then the nurse gave me the option to go home with  a catheter.  Whicih I did not want to do, but it was that or stay overnight.  So I gladly went home with a catheter.  That thing hurt so bad.  I had to keep it in until 12 pm the next day.  I was counting down the hours til that thing could come out.  It was awful. 
  The whole day was a blur.  I think the worst part for me was feeling that drowsy- like there was nothing I could do about it. I felt trapped laying there.  It was so good to finally be awake.  That night Dave and dad went to Sonic for some food- they had waited to eat with me.  However, after attempting to eat two fries I vomitted them up.  So, we wrapped my meal for the next day and went back to cranberry juice and sprite and crackers.  I was hungry but my body wasn't ready for food.
     That night, mom and I and Dave watched Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.  I had recorded it Thursday so we could watch it after my surgery.  Then we went to bed.  I slept ok for about 4 hours and then woke up because that darn catheter was bothering me and I felt like I was on fire- so I got a temperature and it was only 99.4.  So about 3 Am I went out to the recliner and turned the TV on and then slept 4 more hours out in the family room.  Everyone else woke up about 730. 
      That morning I just was waiting for 11 to roll around- because I decieded at 11 we were taking the catheter out no matter what.  Dave went to his golf tourney he had set up that morning- of course after I told him he could go- he was worried to leave me, but I told him i would be fine- my mom and dad were here.  So, 11 Am- mom and I were in the bathroom getting that thing out.  It hurt like crazy taking it out, but it was out and that's all that mattered, no more walking around carrying my pee.  I hope I never have to have one of those again. 
        Things got better after that.  I began to eat, pee on my own. I took a decent shower and we took a walk.  Then later that day, we went shopping.  We came back and played some games and then watch The Ultimate Gift with mom. Dad went to bed.  Then Sunday morning woke up for church.  It's weird- it all happened so fast- it's like it didnt' really happen, until I look down at my abdomen and see those 3 scars and then realize it did happen. 

We can resume making love in a week- which is day 12 of my cycle- perfect timing to make a baby.   But we'll see.  Only time will tell.

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