Today I went to NFC to meet with Dr. CW.  I told Dave not to miss work for this appt. because I was basically taking in all our paperwork and charts and bloodtests to go over everything with her.  I wanted a second opinion and I wanted a more aggressive plan of action.  Dr. V was just prescribing antxb. and we were done with that.  I gathered copies of our medical charts the day prior so I would be ready to go today.
         I arrived on time, and got called back pretty quickly.  This wasn't my first time there or my first time meeting dr. CW but it had been several months since Dave and I were there last, so I was anxious to see what she had to say.  The last time we saw her she had reccommended laparoscopy surgery which I had done in May, and a clomid challenge test, which Dr. V did a Lupron test which is somewhat equivalent.  I felt confident going in that with all the testing we've had done, we would be ready to move forward FINALLY.
           She came in the room quickly and sat down and went over the whole chart with me- all our bloodwork, labs, tests.  She was not suprised of our experience with Dr.V, which made me wonder how I ever ended up there or how I didn't know he was crazy to begin with, but thanks to insurance we went there.  After talking with her and going over everything, she requested a vaginal ultrasound so she could get a look at my ovaries and egg count.  It was cycle day 6 for me which apparently was a good time for me to go in.  I've now had 3 periods in October- since I went on that birth control for  short time and then came off of it after a week- it induced an extra period for me- oh joy!  But it seemed to be a good thing for this reason.  After the ultrasound we went back to the room to go over what she found.   She told me my egg count is very low for my age and a blood test- AMH- confirms that I may have problems with conceiving.  She right away wanted to try IUI a few times, but may end up doing IVF for success.  Since I was on Day 6 of my cycle- she wanted me to start Clomid today and take it for 5 days before we do our very first round of IUI. 
              I couldn't believe it.  IUI- already- 1 week away- it almost seems crazy that we've been through so much and now next week we are going to do IUI.  Finally- we're getting somewhere.  IUI won't be too expensive for us- probably about $500 with no monitoring this round.  I'm just going to take the Clomid and do home ovulation testing.  When I detect my LH surge- I am to call the office to schedule the IUI for the next day.  It's best to do it about 24 hours or 36 hours after ovulation.  Of course with work this doesn't make things easy.  Dave and I will both have to figure out work schedules and getting off to be there for the timing of this all.  And this all of course depends on detecting that LH surge.  We have no way of knowing when that will be.  I'm going to start testing tomorrow which is my last day of Clomid, but I've read you typically don't ovulate until 5 days after you've stopped Clomid.  Which puts us at Saturday.  And of course Dave and I scheduled our Real Estate test for this Saturday.  I know it will all work out and I trust God completely with this.  I'm praying hard that he is preparing my womb - that the sperm count is good, the egg count is good.  There's so many things that need to line up for us- and I just pray it does.  I know this is our first try at this, and I know it doesn't work all the time, but I do pray it does. 
         For any friends reading this- please pray this week for us- keep us in your prayers and pray that things work out- and mostly good health for all- me, baby, and Dave who will have to deal with me over the next few weeks as I'm sure I will be an emotional basketcase.  Thank you all.  I know prayer makes a difference and I know God has a plan for us

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