Today was our last day to enjoy Denver so Dave and I planned a fun day!   We started the day going to Denver Zoo.  It was a beautiful day to be outside and we enjoyed walking around seeing all the animals.   After the zoo, we went to Brothers Barbecue for lunch.  It was a really good Barbecue place.   Then we headed over to Colorado Mills to do some shopping and see a movie.  We saw the movie “Octoberbaby”.  It was very good and as usual I cried.   We highly recommend seeing the movie though- very good story line!  Tonight we met up with Dave’s cousin at the Elephant Bar for dinner.  My parents and sister go there frequently in Florida and we’re always hearing about it so when we found out there was one near here we wanted to go.  Dinner was very good!  I ate way too much! We joked before going out tonight that this could be my last night of not being pregnant.   I smile ear to ear just thinking about being pregnant!   I can’t wait!!!

Tomorrow is the big day.  Transfer will take place at 1045am.  We will arrive at 9am for some blood work  as well as acupuncture prior to transfer.  The IVF process seems to take so long but our day has finally arrived!!!  We are very excited to transfer our 2 little embryos tomorrow to their new home for the next 9months –me!!   My 3rd egg they had mentioned that wasn’t quite mature did finally mature, but when they ICSI’d it, it did not fertilize.  I was hoping the 3rd one will pull through but we are very, very happy with our 2!!!!   The hardest part of the IVF process is over- no more shots- which I cannot say enough how happy that makes me;  Only oral medications from here on out.  Like a normal pregnancy, we will have to wait a couple of weeks before we find out if we are pregnant and the embryos have implanted.  I know the wait will seem like an eternity but it’s in God’s hands and there is nothing else we can do now except pray.   We have 2 little babies in a petri dish right now and tomorrow they will be implanted into my uterus.  It overjoys me to know that even though we won’t officially know for a couple weeks, I know in my heart I am a mommy to these two beautiful lives God created and I pray they make it to 9 months for us to see them face to face!

The Elephant Bar.
Dinner with Cousin Bryce.
4/14/2012 08:11:35 pm

Austin and I just prayed for you this morning!

Elissa Russell
4/15/2012 01:59:27 am

praying for you RIGHT NOW!!!


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