Visit today was short and sweet. 
Estradiol level- 1679 today!
  If I read correctly on internet, because we know internet is so right about health information-lol.  E2 (Estradiol) level should be 200-600pg/ml per 18mm follicle.  Which means, I should have about 8 mature follicles.  And they told me 9 total so hopefully this is accurate. 
Took trigger shot last night- well it was two shots -one on each side of my abdomen.  I'm so sick of shots in my stomach.  I don't know what to do with myself today because I don't have to take any-woohoo! 
We're going in tomorrow at 830 for the retrieval.  Please be praying.  We will know tomorrow how many eggs they were able to retrieve.   I've been reading a lot and I read online that sometimes follicles are empty and on the other hand some follicles contain more than one egg.  I am praying that my follicles contain several eggs each.  We just need one really good one to work, but the chances go way up the more that are retrieved.  All these little steps to make a baby....  each step is so important and it all has to come together. 

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