So, I started Folistim on Saturday Sept 17 and did 225 units every night thru Sept 23.   Last night I did my Ovidrel shot (to trigger ovulation).  And then tomorrow is the big day for us.  
At my last visit   I had 7 developing follicles.  They measured as follows:
Right ovary:                                                    Left ovary:
15x20                                                                 15x15
10x9                                                                    11x10
14x13                                                                  12x9
So, they like for follicles to be about 18mm, and she said after my last dose of Folistim and then my Ovidrel injection, it looked like there were probably 2 that would be completely mature (18mm).   That doesn't mean that the others couldn't mature, but that was her prediction.  Again, it only takes one follicle with one egg inside to release and meet up with the sperm, but we're trying to optimize our chances with as many follicles as we can get.   Not all follicles have eggs inside them either- all these exceptions to the rule.  

My baseline estrogen level was 42, it then went up to 342 on Wednesday Sept 21, and at the last visit on Sept 23 it had reached 846.  They say your E2 level is 150-200 per mature follicle.  The follicles grow about 1-2mm every night, so we're hoping we've got a few good ones to work with by Monday morning when I go in.  

Please keep us in your prayers tomorrow morning Sept 26 as we will go in for the procedure at 1130am.  Then we wait to find out if anything is growing in there.   
Kelly German
9/26/2011 01:50:19 pm

Praying for you! I hope your appointment went well!

9/26/2011 07:50:21 pm

praying for you, K....

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