I'm home in Indiana visiting my newest nephew- Miguel Antonio.  He is precious.  I have enjoyed holding him and cuddling him.  He's 8 days old today.   My mind keeps wondering of course if I'm carrying a little one or little ones inside of me and when I will finally be able to test to know.  Today I had some mild cramping and lower back pain.  I usually get this before my period and it worries me that my period is coming.  I will be devestated if it didn't work, and yet I know there's a really good chance it probably didn't so I'm trying to be realistic about the outcome. 
                This past week at work was very encouraging to me because I had a patient come in with triplets.  Two of the babies were in the office that day and the third one is still in the NICU due to breathing problems.   I was talking to the couple knowing they probably didn't conceive naturally with triplets and in talking discovered they did Clomid and IUI and that's how they ended up with triplets.  Apparently the there is only a 0.5% chance of triplets with Clomid, but they're one of them.  She said they had told her she probably wouldn't get pregnant because of her low egg count and quality of eggs.  They tried IUI once and got pregnant but it ended in miscarriage and so NFC prompted them to do IVF which failed.  She felt like since they got pregnant with IUI they should try again-so they did.  She had three follicles the day of the IUI and all three were fertilized and implanted.  It's amazing to see these precious little babies and the miracle they are.  It gives me hope that these babies are here because of IUI and that it can work.  I am holding on to their story and praying Dave and I will have a story like this.    Christine's neighbor has also been having trouble conceiving for quite some time and they are now a couple months along  due to IUI as well.  Hearing these success stories is so encouraging and it helps me believe that it can happen for us too!
            Today is Day 19 of my cycle.  So depending on when my period comes- sometimes day 24 sometimes day 26- I don't have much longer to wait, but am getting anxious to know.  If it doesn't happen this month, Dave and I will go ahead and do it again next month.  Dave and I were going to go visit family for Thanksgiving, but it looks like ovulation is going to happen right about the time we would go visit family for Thanksgiving.  Dave told me we would stay home- this is our priority.  He's very supportive and  he wants this baby as much as I do.  We're on the same page with what we're going through and that makes it easier.  We both want the same thing and we're both working towards the same goal- so we can easily support each other in what needs to be done to achieve that goal.  Mycycle pretty much runs the show at this point- certain days are critical and timing is key.

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