Today's visit was good news.  THere are still 9 developing follicles.  A few are a very good size. 
Estradiol level- 1482. 
Tonight I will do my Ovidrel trigger shot to trigger ovulation.  Then we will go in Friday morning at 930 for egg retrieval.  I feel like we're approaching the end of the race.  FINALLY.  These past 2 weeks have seemed like an eternity but we're finally approaching the finish line.  I'm so excited. 
Tomorrow is a quick visit to the office for an estradiol level only.  I will have oficially been at the doctor every day this week.  Crazy.  But thankfully I am off tomorrow and Friday for the retrieval.  We'll see what next week holds as we pray that these eggs are fertilized and turn into embryos.    A week from today I could have embryos inside me.  WOW!  The thought of it excites me.  I might be carrying one, two, or three babies next week.  I am overcome with joy thinking about it. 
Praying.......................  good quality follicles when they are retrieved
                                                that retreival is smooth and that there is no harm to follicles
                                                for good sperm
                                                for excellent fertilization once they are combined with sperm
                                                for great quality embryos that can be implanted
                                                for smooth implantation process
                                                that the embryos implant and stay healthy inside me 
                                                healthy outcome for me and embryos
                                                for trust in God with the outcome.

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