Dave and I arrived in Denver at 1130.  We went and got our rental car and then grabbed some lunch before heading to Walmart for some groceries for the week.  Thanks to my lovely friend Terri and her husband who are graciously letting us stay with them during this time,  we are able to buy food instead of eating out every day not to mention hotel savings.   It’s going to save us so much money and we’re so so grateful for their hospitality and kindness to us.  They have completely opened their home to us with our own guest room and bathroom.  We feel so blessed!  

So, we just happened to fly into Denver the day of the Women’s Basketball NCAA Championship game.  And you’ll never guess which team happens to be in it- Notre Dame- that’s right.  Being here and knowing ND was playing, we just couldn’t pass the opportunity up, so Dave and I scalped tickets and went to the game.  The atmosphere was pretty cool!  The Pepsi Center was totally sold out.  Dave and I were fairly high up but we were just glad to be there and watch the game.  Notre Dame played well in the first half but unfortunately couldn’t keep up with Baylor during second half.  They lost in the end, but it was so neat to be there and experience the game!

Our 2 weeks worth of luggage- we are so not good at packing light.
Traveling with medications: this is my big blue bag of medications.
Dave and Karen at NCAA Women's National Championship Game in Denver, CO.

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