Yearly Exam and Results........... - Waiting for you!

             So I had my yearly exam today with Dr. Bell.   It was the normal pap smear- nothing real exciting.  Sitting in a room waiting for the doctor to come in-  wearing that awful gown that doesn't cover much of anything.  I think I only sat there in the gown 40 minutes today- not bad.  All for a 5 minute exam and I was out of there.  
           On my way home, I got a call from CRH- Nurse Sarah.  I didn't think I was going to get any results prior to our appt with him in 3 weeks, so I was a little suprised by her call.  She went on to say that most of the vaginal cultures were negative, except for 2.  I apparently have e-coli and enterococcus in my vagina - both of which can cause infertility or miscarriage.  I know that some vaginal bacterias are normal so I questioned the nurse quite extensively to figure out how I got these bacterias.  You know me as a nurse I'm always skeptical of things.   She went on to say it's the transfer of stool to the vagina.  I'm like wait a second- I am a nurse- I am very hygenic- that's not possible.    She said well we usually don't wash our hands before we us the bathroom- so it's probably from your normal objects you touch during the day and they get transported to the vagina while going to the bathroom.  She also mentioned since Dave could have it and we could pass it back and forth- we both have to be treated with 2 weeks of 2 antibiotics.   Of course they can't be treated with the smae one.  Or it might be 4 weeks if we can't take them at the same time.  Oh joy.  More medicine to take. 
           So I then asked her is this really going to make a difference in helping us get pregnant and she replied- I have seen women get pregnant once they've been treated.  So I said ok, fine.    She said Dr. Vasquez wouldn't start any rounds of IUI or any kind of assisting pregnancy until this bacteria was gone.  So, another delay in getting pregnant.  Seriously- right when I think we're close- we have a setback.  The good news is we will get to go ahead with the lupron challenge test.  So I am happy about that.  And Dave and I will begin our antxb. treatment tomorrow so we can get thi over with.  The sooner we complete these antxb. the sooner we can get started on having a baby.  Unless of course something else comes up. 

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