I am so bloated- I think I might explode.  They say it's normal after egg retrieval because even though the eggs were removed, the follicles remain very large and fluid filled.  Which means I have 9 golf balls inside of me.  No wonder I am feeling bloated.  Not to mention, the constipation from the progesterone oil shots I have been getting.  I look about 4 months pregnant right now.  Becuase of this tenderness and discomfort, I've been laying around a lot.  And tomorrow begins two more days of bedrest.  It's all worth it, but I'm ready for some good news. 

Last night proved to be an eventful night- I woke up twice screaming from nightmares.  Not sure if the antxb or the steroid I am on caused them or I am just not sleeping well because of the bloating.  Dave jumped up and thought something was wrong with me.  I told him I had a bad dream- the first dream- this spider was literally crawling on the bed- it was so real I thought it was happening- I jumped up to get away from it.  Then not even 2 hours later I woke up again screaming - I was walking down the move aisle with our popcorn and couldn't see - I lost my vision and couldn't make it to where Dave was sitting.  Then I was attacked by these men and Dave didn't know what happened to me. 

Talk about weird.  I hope tonight's sleep is much better.  We can only hope.  Or should I say, Dave can only hope.
3/14/2011 05:33:51 am

I woke this morning, knowing I had to go to your blogs...feeling drawn there. God is good, there is a plan, my heart and prayers are with you...

3/14/2011 07:21:21 pm


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