Christmas Baby

This year for Christmas we stayed home.  As we are literally just about a week away from our due date, we were definitely staying here for Christmas.   It was hard not being able to go home to be with my family as we normally do to celebrate together, but we know in just a couple weeks we will get to see them all as they will be coming to visit us and meet the newest addition to the family, Avery.  

Christmas morning was pretty relaxing.  We slept in, watched the Christmas Parade, skyped with family, opened gifts and then watched movies the rest of the day.  Dave bought me my first sewing machine and I am so excited to try it out and begin making Avery some really cute outfits, bows, and other fun stuff.  I got Dave his Garmin watch he wanted for working out- he is looking forward to using this with his workouts as it tracks time, distance, heart rate, and a bunch of other cool stuff.   
It was a fun morning as we also go to open Avery’s presents- yes, Avery got presents.  I think it’s fair to say she got more than us and she is not even here yet.  This little girl is spoiled already.  Her grandparents, and aunts spoiled her with clothes, books, a baby doll, a nook, her name puzzle, hair bows, bath stuff, and a lullaby CD.   Although we weren’t able to be home with family, the day was much enjoyed skyping with family throughout the day and even getting to watch them open a few of their gifts.  My mom also left us with some homemade ravioli when they came for Thanksgiving so we were able to boil it and eat it just like we would have eaten it at home if we were there.  It was delicious as always.  It definitely made it feel more like Christmas as it’s tradition to eat Ravioli on Christmas Day.

It is unbelievable that the time has come.  Any day now Avery could decide to make her appearance.  I have been having some mild contractions but nothing regular or strong yet.  It’s still seems unreal to us that this is really happening.  I mean we know I’m obviously pregnant and I feel her moving all the time, but it’s still unbelievable in a way.  The way it all happens- the way God makes it happen and the way life is created. Feeling her move is an incredible feeling; to know that she is in there and that very soon we will get to see her precious face and meet this little miracle from God that’s been growing inside of me this whole time.  It’s almost like you begin to imagine their looks, their personality, and what this little person is going to be like before they even get here.  We love her so much already!

Our bags are packed and we feel like we are ready to go whenever labor begins.  We are planning to labor at home for some time until the contractions are closer together and we feel we need to get to the hospital.  Just waiting for our biggest Christmas present yet whenever she decides to come!

Dave's new Garmin Workout Watch
My new sewing machine
Avery's gifts.
All of our presents.

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