So sweet.  After waking up from my nap I got a letter to Baby Stanley in my email.  Thought I would share it. 

Dear Baby Stanley (or should I say, babies) You aren’t here yet, but you are in the making! God, as I write this, is creating you in your mama’s belly. It’s by HIM, that you will bless us with your presence in a couple months- whooo hooo! We can’t wait to meet you, spoil you, kiss you, cuddle you, and absolutely adore everything thing you do! You have been quite the little stubborn person already, but you are a miracle that we will constantly be praising God for forever. I’m so excited that I will be your Aunt!

God has been carefully and patiently preparing your parents for your arrival. It has been a “long”(and painful) journey, especially for your mommy.  Your parents are by far amazing… they have been praying for you for almost 3 years! Parenthood definitely makes people “prayer warriors” and that is exactly what your mom and dad have been and will be for you.  Your mom has been through a roller coaster of emotions, tests, surgeries, injections, pills, medications, vitamins, etc. but one thing remained constant- her faith that God would bless her with you. Your dad has been by your mom’s side encouraging her and keeping her spirits up; doing the normal dad role of supporting! They love you and desire nothing more than to hold you in their arms! 

We all look forward to the day when mommy and daddy announce you are born! You have 3 cousins anxiously awaiting to teach you all the fun kids things to do (hopefully all good things).  While we wait for you, we will be praying and praising your Creator, your Heavenly Maker!

We love you! Christine and the boys

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