I got a return call from NFC today from the nurse.  She reccommended we try IUI one more time.  She said they typically do things in rounds of 3 so it would be good to try one more time before we proceed to something else.  It's so funny that I am excited to go for it again after the disappointment it causes, but it gives me something to hope for and try and actually feel like we're doing something to try and make it happen.  I'm scheduled for Dec 21 for my ultrasound this month.  She is going to mail my ovadril shot this month because it cost less money that way.  I will do Clomid days 3-7 this month instead of days 5-9 like the last 2 months.  Then depending on the ultrasound on the 21'st we will proceed with the IUI on Dec 22 or Dec 23. 

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