Happy Mother's Day! 
I knew today would be a little rough on me.  With Dave's parents here, I was very distracted which was probably good, but overall the day reminded me that I am not a mother.  This morning I still have not gotten my period and decided to take a pregnancy test this AM- well, it was a NOT PREGNANT.  What a thing to read on Mother's Day.  Not exactly a good Mother's Day gift.  Service was good as Pastor Mike spoke about marriages.  After service, we went to Martin's for some barbecue and then headed out to Arrington Vineyards for wine tasting.  It was such a pretty day.  Sunny, nice breeze. 
        All day I was waiting for my period to start, but it never did.   Perhaps it will come tomorrow.  I really need for my period to come tomorrow- so I can do my surgery Friday.  I 'm waiting for it- but it isn't cooperating. 

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