So, people that talk about IVF and the drugs that go along with it, had me worried.  You'll turn into a psycho, you'll be overly emotional, you'll ...................  I've heard so many things.  So far, I haven't had many problems with the meds.  All week I've done ok.  Of course Dave's first night home was quite eventful.  We went to bed about 10pm. I was exhausted.  Last night was my first dose of Ganirilex at 10pm.  I fell asleep shortly thereafter.   I felt like I had been sleeping for hours when I woke up screaming......... I can't feel my arms- something is wrong!!!  Dave jumped out of bed and ran to my side of the bed.  We were both half asleep.  I was terrified - my arms were completely numb.  I don't know if I was sleeping on them or what actually happened, but after several minutes of Dave rubbing my arms, they finally began tingling and then returned to normal.  IT was the weirdest thing.  How it woke me up I don't know.   I guess not having feeling in my arms was a pretty big scare.  I think with last night being my first shot of Ganirilex, my first thought was that I was having some horrible reaction to the shot.  Let's just say, we will be telling that story for years to come.  We don't want any more episodes like that.  I want an uneventful night's sleep tonight. 

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