We met Dr. Lucas today.  It went really well.  He is very nice and very informative.  He took the time to sit down with us and was very specific about the surgery and what he thought about it.  He was very in favor of the surgery and told me he wouldn't do it if he didn't think there was a good reason to do so.  He feels like there is an 80% chance that I do have endometriosis and that within 2-4 months following the surgery there would be a good chance that I would be pregnant.  Very encouraging. 
       Immediately upon doing the pelvic exam- he told me my uterus is tilted- I was very impressed with this, because my OB of 3 years has never told me that.  She may have noted it- but don't ever remember her telling me about it.  Dave liked him too!  We of course went to set the surgery up with him and he is on vacation May 20 when I have told work I was going to do the surgery- since that's when it's scheduled with my OB right now.  So, we're looking at May 12 or May 14 and hoping my period is cooperative next month.  It should come May 8 or so- and then we could do it May 12 or May 14.  Sadly this is when I had friends coming in town, but we have to do it before I ovulate each month and I really want to get it done before June comes.   I feel bad that this messes with our plans, but I know they understand that it's dependent upon my period. 
   So, we wait - we wait until my period comes next month.  Which hopefully will be May 8 or 9.  And if it does cooperate- we can do the surgery May 12 or May 14.  We'll see.

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