My body is a science project. - Waiting for you!
 Today I saw Dr. Lucas.  I think Thursdays are now my official appt. day.  It seems every Thursday I am going to at least one doctor.  It's sad that I can't even keep up with them all.  Anyways, today I had an appt. with Dr. Lucas.  The nurse called me and back and when we got to the room she asked- what brings you in today and I replied- I don't know I think he wanted to follow up again.  We laughed- I didn't really know why I was there.   I was hoping he did. 
              Dr. Lucas comes in shortly- I never have to wait real long there which is really nice.    He goes over my period and asked me when my last period was and I said - well wouldn't you know it started this AM.   Of course.  So,  he went over some thougths he had and said we need to get your pregnant.  He seemed a little frustrated and I think he actually thought I would be pregnant by now.  Which only frustrates me more wondering why I am not.    
                He asked me about the Prometrium and I told him it had given me bad cramps and after a few months of taking it I decided just to stop.  He said it shouldn't cause cramps and felt strongly that the cramps were unrelated to the prometrium.    Then he came up with a plan for this next cycle.  He wants me to take Doxycycline to help lengthen my cycle.  How an antxb. is going to do that I'm not sure.  I asked him if vaginal infections could cause infertility and he replied no.  I didn't tell him that another doctor thought so and that we are currenlty on antitibiotics now to get rid of the infection.  But at the same time, he wants to put me on an antibiotic too.  None of it is making sense. 
          He didn't examine me at all today but did decide to draw some blood- thyroid function tests.  I'm like- these are normal - I can tell you that.  I've had my thyroid checked numerous times at previous physicals and even during the infertility journey early on and they've all been normal.  But he wanted to proceed.  At this point, I go with the flow- since we have met our insurance deductible- I say do what you want- injection - sure, blood draw- great, another vaginal ultrasound- why  not.  My body is becoming used to being poked and proded these days.  If it gets us a baby or a few babies I'm fine going through with it.  Whatever it takes.  
           So, I left there confused.  Not sure what I was going to do since Dave and I are already on antibiotics and now I'm supposed to take another one.  Well, after talking with Dave- we decided to finish out the one we're currently on.    We have one more to take after this one.  I picked up the rx Dr. L prescribed but I'm not going to take it.  Then he wants me to draw progesterone levels on Oct 4 based on my cycle.  So, I will draw that at my office and fax the results to him.  In the meantime, we're doing nothing.  More waiting.  Not sure I feel like I got any answers today. 

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