So, I know they tell you not to test until your blood test due to the number of false negatives, but I just couldn't help myself.  I was going crazy.  This past week I have not slept well, I've had insane dreams, having weird stomach cramps, extremely emotional- (crying at just about everything), and waking up several times at night to pee.  I had to test.  Well, I started testing on March 24 which was 9 days past transfer.  I have tested everyday since then including this morning and every test has come back negative.  It's not very reassuring.  I just keep crying with this awful feeling of yet another failed attempt.  And to make things worse Friday morning I started spotting.  I know once again, spotting can mean period, or pregnant.  All these symptoms can be both and it's driving me mad.  I don't have any cramps and no other symptoms, just spotting for the past 3 days.  It's not heavy bleeding so I'm not sure what it means.  However, I've read that you don't really start bleeding until after going off the progesterone which I am currently taking.  Dave gives me a shot every night of progesterone oil.  So to confuse things even more, the spotting could be from the progesterone.  And this is why they tell you not to test- you put yourself through emotional abuse by doing it.  Of course if it was positive I would be feeling way different right now. 

Waiting for our blood test to confirm.......................................  
praying for a high HCG level which means positive pregnancy.  

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