Savior He can move a mountain.
Today in church we had an amazing worship time.  As we were singing I was reminded of the mighty power of God.  God can do absolutely anything.  Of course I know that- but it's so so easy to forget the power He has and moreso, the power of the holy spirit in me.  We were singing Savior, He can move a mountain and those words lately speak volumes to my doubtful heart that wonders if He really can get us pregnant.  But when I sing those words and know that my Savior can move a mountain, getting me pregnant is so minor to him. He's completely capable of doing that- why do I doubt?  Why do I forget so often that He is all powerful.

Jeremiah 27:5
With my great strength and powerful arm I made the earth and all its people and every animal. I can give these things of mine to anyone I choose.

He is not limited by anything. 

Again, as we began singing- we were singing a song about compassion.  The compassion of Christ.  All I heard was you are compassionate- you feel for things a lot of people don't.  I gave you that heart for a reason.  I gave you that extra dose of compassion for a reason.  You can love people in a special way - you could love a child that you didn't birth.  Some people cannot, but you could. It was very clear and I just heard- you would be ok if you adopted.  Don't doubt that you wouldn't' love a child because you didn't give birth to them.  You would love them just as much. 

Perhaps God keeps giving me little tidbits.  I am really asking for a clear sign, because these little messages are nice, but I need a clear sign that it is what He wants.  I just don't want my heart to grow impatient and do anything out of the wrong motives.  So, I keep praying for clarity and direction with what I am hearing.

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