It's my day off and I"m actually not going to the doctor.  But I have a list of new doctors in hand to call- I'm moving on today.  I'm not giving up.  I called Dr. Lucas first this morning to see if they had received my progesterone level we drew on Oct 4.  The nurse called back and said after reviewing it- he wants to start me on Clomid- next cycle.  So I am to call at the beginning of my next period.  I said ok.  Finally- Clomid - a drug I have heard about from day 1 but have never been prescribed.  Only told it won't work for you- well how do I know if I've never tried it.  So I was a little excited to hear that word. 
            While shopping today Dr. Davis called- he spoke with some OB-GYN's he knew and they confirmed Dr. V is a quack and reccommended NFC.  I was convinced after talking with him that even though insurance doesn't cover them to make another appt to go back and get their advice.  Last time we went there was before I had my surgery so perhaps we're more ready for IUI or IVF at this time and can move forward quickly.  I called and got an appt. next Thursday Oct 21.  I am eager to see Dr. Whitworth again and see what she thinks.  I will have to get my chart from CRH - which will prove to be a challenge since they don't return my phone calls.  I will get the chart and I will get it by Thursday.;Watch me.

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