Went int this morning for my ultrasound to see if I had some follicles ready.  I had (1) 15mm and (1) 22mm follicle.  Once again I felt dissapointed in the results.  The clomid just doesn't seem to be doing what I thought it would.  I hear of women who get 15 eggs and I get 2- one of which is not mature and probably won't do anything.  I just don't understand.  Why is my body not responding to anything?    After the ultrasound, the nurse gave me the Ovadril shot that I brought with me and then I was out the door. 

Dave and I will go in tomorrow for the IUI.  We will have to leave work early but thankfully our work places are very understanding with all of this.  I will let you know when I find out.............but once again we begin another 2 week wait.  I feel like my life is in 2 week stents.  I'm either in the 2 weeks preparing for the procedure or the 2 weeks waiting for the outcome.  Then it starts over again.  

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