Today is Day 27.  Of course my period typically comes between days 24-26, so I'm anxiously waiting for my period to come.  I promised myself I wouldn't test until today, so I woke up this morning hopeful that the reason my period isn't here yet is because I am pregnant.  I woke up and peed in the cup.  I couldn't get the pregnancy test open- those things are wrapped in a foil- I finally cut it open with scissors.  I dipped the stick and glued my eyes on the test as the control line appeared.  After 2 minutes of staring at it, I decided I should do something else and check it at 5 minutes.  That I did- big fat negative.  No second line ever appeared.  I was disappointed.  No tears.  I guess the tears will probably come when my period shows up.  Part of me is hoping the test was wrong.  I've had many people tell me their test said negative and they ended up being pregnant.  So until my period shows up, I'm going to hope for that. 
          Dave is out of town and I have the best idea to tell him if I am pregnant.  But for now, I continue to wait.

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