Opry Land Hotel.
Well, this year we stayed home for Thanksgiving as we didn’t want to travel so late in my pregnancy.  We normally head out to Hot Springs, AR to spend the holiday with Dave’s family, but this year we stayed home.  My parents were actually able to come join us.  My mom helped me prepare a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.  We enjoyed the wknd with them as we were also able to go to the Flea Market.  We always find something to buy!  We also enjoyed the decent weather we had and took a few walks around the neighborhood.  And we got to go to Opry Land Hotel to see all the pretty lights.  It's a yearly tradition to go over there and see the decorations and lights they put up.  

It was great visiting with my parents and getting to spend time with them.  It’s probably our last visit with them as a married couple without children.  Next time they come visit they will be meeting our little girl.  So exciting to think about it.  The day is approaching quickly and we couldn't be more thrilled.  Just keep trying to imagine what life will be like and smile.

This Thanksgiving we are especially thankful for the miracle of life.  We are thankful for a healthy pregnancy and the little girl growing in my tummy that we absolutely cannot wait to meet.  We are thankful for our marriage and all the love we share.  We are thankful to get to grow our family and extend our love into our children's lives.  We are thankful for our family and friends who have supported and prayed for us throughout this journey.  We are thankful for our home and food on our table.  We are thankful for our jobs and health.  We are thankful for our God who loves us and blesses us immensely in ways we do not even know and for his forgiveness and grace he gives to us daily.  
Mom & I preparing Thanksgiving Dinner
Dad and I ready to go out for an evening at Opry Land Hotel

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