So, Dave and I went to meet Dr. Whitworth today at Nashville Fertility Clinic today.  After a very long wait we were finally called back.  The nurse did my weight and blood pressure and asked us a few questions and then told us the doctor would be in shortly.  45 minutes later- she moved us to her office where we sat down to talk with her.  She was very nice and apologized for the wait- told us she had a lot of complicated patients today.  Anyways, we began sharing our history and answering her questions.  After our discussion- she wanted to do a vaginal ultrasound- so after emptying my bladder- she did the ultrasound.  It was quite informative.  She said I have a retroverted uterus- which means it's tilted backwards- which can be a sign of endometriosis.  She also said my ovaries are quite small, and I had a low number of eggs for my age.  Wow.  All that from a quick ultrasound. 
    I was totally thrown off by the ovary size and eggs.  I was never told that before.  She gave us a plan after the procedure.  She wants to proceed with the surgery- laparoscopy to find out if there is endometriosis.  She said with all my symptoms and esp. the severity of my pain that it was definitely worth checking into.  After the laparocopy she wants us me to come in for the CCCT.  The Clomid Challenge Test is done to check my ovarian reserve or my chances of conceiving.  Since she is concerned with my egg count- she wants to see what this test shows.  But first we must get through surgery.
          April 29 is the day.  We scheduled it to be on April 29 just before I ovulate.  However, just to make sure I don't- I have to go on birth control to stop ovulation this month.  Just what I want to do.  So, Dave took the script to Walgreens tonight on his way to bible study, while I'm at home on here because I have a horrible cold.  It's weird thinking about taking birth control- I haven't taken it in so long.  It almost feels wrong, esp. when you're trying to get pregnant you know? 
          She was very reassuring about the surgery.  I asked her about any complications she has ever had.  She told me she has never had complications.  She told me her biggest concern was my weight and how small I am- so after surgery she will want to monitor me coming off anesthesia.  Of course that sounds real reassuring-lol.   I like her and I know she has done hundreds of these surgeries and that gives me a peace. 
           We're def. ready to go ahead with this and get some answers.  The clomid challenge will be interesting.  It is a fertility drug.  So, there is a chance that you can have twins on it.  But it's only 5% I think.  However, Dave and I have somewhat joked aobut having multiples and that's why God's preparing us all this time.  I would love that.  I know that we can do it. 
          It occurred to me tonight that this waiting process is a blessing in disguise.  How often do babies come unwanted or unexpected.  A woman isn't prepared for any of it.  And here I am, I've had over a year and a  half now to plan, pray, and prepare.  I've also realized how often moms so easily complain about their kids and the craziness they often bring. It's hard to hear them complain now, since we're trying so hard for a child.   But you see that's the blessing.  When that beautiful little blessing or blessings come into our life- we might have a moment of complaining or frustration but everyday I will be reminded of the little miracle God brought us and instead of freely complaining of all the things I have to do, I will be praising God that I have a child crying or a list of things to do.  When we work for something so hard and we pray real hard and we wait and wait and wait- it becomes an even bigger blessing.  Yes, I think this waiting thing is going to make me appreciate the gift of life double-fold. I've walked with the Lord through this one and I will be praising him everyday after- he brings a child into our lives.  I won't take that child for granted because that child came with a price- a price of waiting, praying, and truly seeking the Lord for his power to bring that child to us.  That child will be a daily reminder to me of the awesome power of our Lord Jesus- and that to me is going to be the most amazing gift I could ask God for.
              Although I don't feel all of these things on this youtube video- I feel a lot of them and wanted to share them on here......

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