So until today I had followed doctor's orders.  I had taken the antibiotics and started prenatal vitamins, folic acid and birth control.  I had basically believed what he said to be true.  But after the phone call I received today, I am never going back to that place  again.  Where do I begin............
          I wasn't suprised by the phone call from CRH today because I had called to ask them if Dr. V would change the injection medication since even at 50% coverage- it's still $5000 out of pocket.  So when my cell rang I was anxious to pick it up.  The other end was not the phone call I had expected though, it was the nurse calling me about the repeat cultures he had taken on Oct 7 when we were last there.  She tells me that one of the bacterias was gone, but now I have two more and that Dave and I will need to start taking 2 more antxb.  She paused and said I was preparing for a horrible response - that's usually what I get at this point.  However, I was so speechless, I didn't know what to say.  All I kept thinking was- seriously- are you kidding me.  More antxb.  Which delays IUI or IVF even more.  And further more it is TOTALLY NORMAL to have bacteria there.  It's NEVER going to go away.  So my silence through her off, but I knew if I spoke it would not be pretty, and what good was it going to do?  I decided at that moment we were done with Dr. V.  Things just seemed to be more and more off with him and this topped it off.    I managed to finish the conversation with the nurse implying I was going to pick up the antxb- which wasa big lie and hung up.  As soon as I hung up with her, I started sobbing.  Just when I think we're heading in the right direction- something seems to go wrong or delay us.  I am just so worn out.  How did we choose a quack for a doctor? 
               I didn't have time to call Dave- the clinic was super busy.  And of course I had to get myself under control to go back to patients.  I wanted to continue crying and lose myself in pity but there wasn't time for that, so back to work.  Later in the day Dave texted me - I got a text saying our rx our ready- what are they talking about?  So I quickly texted him- it's a long story and I'll tell you later.  Since it was Wednesday- it's our night to go to the Gautams to teach English but I just wasn't in the mood to teach English or even be around people.  So I met Dave at Lowe's like usual but told him the story and my supportive husband was like we don't have to go tonight-what do you want to do.  So I said Blue Coast- and that is where we headed.  We enjoyed a nice dinner talking about the craziness of the day and the quacky doctor we had chosen.  We decided after dinner we were going to stop at Walgreens just to see what the pharmacist had to say about the medications prescribed.  We were now interested in finding out some answers. 
             The pharmacist only supported the idea that our doctor is absolutely crazy.  He said the antxb. prescribed was for walking pneumonia and was only used in the hospital- he also tells us it cost $5000.  Then he said the vitamin - Cardiotek   So we explained to him that we were prescribed the antxb. for infertility.  He was like- what?  I think it's time you find a new doctor.  We were like- I think that's already been decided.   After leaving Walgreens, Dave and I were 100% that we were not going back to Dr. V again.  It was time to move on. 
            I got a weird feeling after the first time we saw Dr. V but just thought he was a little cocky.  I can't believe he's crazy and makes no sense.  How does he have a license to practice.  After going through this and telling some people including Dr. Davis- who talked with some OB-GYN's- everyone confirms the guy is a quack.  How did we not know this before?  I feel so stupid and yet abused.  We just wanted someone to help us.

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